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manhattan_dermatology-smartbrowI’m the kind of person that builds up a stash of beauty back-up if I find something that I love – and that time has come again! I recently came across this eyebrow product a couple of months ago and though I wasn’t impressed with it the first time I initially used it, I decided that I would give it another try and fell hard!

My new favorite addition to my makeup routine is one that I came across from Dermstore as I was browsing the internet. Smartbrow is hands down the best eyebrow product that I have come across as of yet. After years of using brow powders and pencil upon pencil, I’ve finally gotten my hands on something that is both practical and functional for a busy working mom.

I’ll be the first to tell you – being born with practically non-existent eyebrows is just one of those things that you learn to live with … until you find something to ease the burden of having to “draw in” your brows everyday. Short of getting them tattooed on this is the best alternative, for me personally.

Having experience as a former makeup artist for both Bobbi Brown and Benefit Cosmetics, I have been exposed to many different eyebrow products. During that time I learned about the differences between products and techniques for application that give you the most natural look, and I can tell you this much:

  • Eyebrow Powders – offer the softest, most natural finish. One downside to this is that it’s not very practical to carry around – the powder can loosen up and end up all over your makeup bag and its contents. The other is the fact that you need to carry around a brush to use the actual product. While this may work for some, this wasn’t my favorite way to carry this product around … and the fact that I needed to carry it with me in order to re-touch it wasn’t a big factor with me either.
  • Eyebrow Pencils – quickest application, with a natural finish depending on the brand. These were a part of my “go-to” makeup essentials whenever my face needed a lift. After all, “your eyebrows frame your face.” Short, quick strokes are the key to these … and after some practice anyone can be a pro at the ‘quickie arch.’ I used to carry a couple of these around – lest I be seen without any eyebrows on! *gasp* I’d stash one in my car, one in my purse … and on days when I felt like being a minimalist, in my wallet.
  • Eyebrow Mascara – great for “setting” your eyebrow powder or pencil. I was a big fan of MAC’s Brow Set in Clear – I still am. Not only is good for your eyebrows, they’re great for hair touch-ups when those stubborn little baby hair just won’t stay down!

Now for my favorite: SmartBrow!


Smartbrow – features a double-tipped applicator, a defining tip on one side and a spoolie on the other. Like I mentioned earlier, my initial reaction when I first tried this product was less than impressed. I used it just as instructed: 1) define and line 2) fill in with the spoolie. The fine-tipped applicator deposited too much color, and left a harsh line. After a couple of minutes trying to fix that I gave up and decided to move onto the second instruction - which was to “set” the drawn-in line with the colored gel on the spoolie side.

When I finished all I could say when I looked in the mirror was “ahhh!” I remember looking at my reflection and thinking, “what the hell … my eyebrows are so dark!” And because I was in such a hurry for work that morning I didn’t have time to re-do it, so it stayed for the day … and then some. After doing my usual thing, I later realized that even with all the sweating and running around I had done, my eyebrows hadn’t budged!

The next day I took the time to read the instructions that were included. I used quick, short strokes with the defining end and finished up with the spoolie – perfection! Before using Smartbrow I always used a color below my actual hair color — it’s what I was taught as an MUA. Though it took some getting used to, I learned to like black-brown. It took my best friend even more time to adjust to the color change … she kept telling me, “it’s too dark.” Going from brown to a darker almost-black color does take some time to adjust to, but now I can’t see them being any other way.

From thin and sparse to full and thick; I can workout, go swimming and get through my day without any worry of whether or not my eyebrows will still be there afterwards. Winning!

Smartbrow is available in three different colors, originally retailing for about $60 I was able to get it for a cool $29.95.

A tip when using this product: If you make mistakes with either side of the applicator, take a q-tip and fix it while the product is still wet. Once it’s dry you have to use the cleanser that’s included and start over again.

Overall, I love this product. Pros: It’s highly effective and perfect for my busy lifestyle. I only have to apply it once, with no need for touch-ups. Cons: It’s a little on the pricey side, but I’m all about spending the extra money for something that works for me.

What’s your favorite product for framing your face?

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